A top level guide to what we do

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What we do – in brief

Cyber Security Services. We provide security as a service delivered from the cloud to secure your organisation and keep it secure. We constantly monitor and test your organisation to detect cyber threats, investigate, contain and eradicate them.

What these cyber security services do for your business/organisation

We reduce the risk of a cyber-attack having an impact on your business. We provide the evidence to your clients and suppliers that proves you take security seriously and that you are have cyber defences in place. We help you comply with standards, ensure you pass cyber tests and constantly guard your organisation against hackers. We make you insurable – this is a risk management proposition: reduce the risk for your business and make it possible for you to insure the residual risk.

Why does every business/organisation need cyber security services?

Every organisation is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. You will be attacked or exploited in some way. It’s just a matter of when and how badly you will be hit. It’s sometimes easier to use non-cyber examples to illustrate the problem:

Think of cyber-attackers as pick-pocketers scouting for easy targets: if your wallet is visible it will be taken. Attackers may also target you. You may show characteristics of a target simply by your organisation’s ‘Internet Personality’ – you are the vulnerable old person targeted in a pensions or investment scam. You may have something of value. Something that can be stolen and sold such as personal data or credit card data. You may also be doing well as a business. This will attract the ransomware and blackmailers who will want to extort money from you – i.e. pay up or they will prevent your business from functioning

If you want more examples of what the threats are then email us at [email protected] and ask for ‘More examples of cyber threats’.

Our non-technical explanation of what we do

Let’s use the example of the physical security systems you may have in your office or factory. So our cyber security services provide the cyber equivalent of all this: Firstly we constantly check all your doors and windows are closed and locked and that they are of a suitable standard to resist most break-ins. We then provide as well as check your fire alarms, burglar alarms and CCTV systems. We then check that these are all in the right places and are working properly. We then constantly monitor your organisation against intruders (i.e. we are your constant CCTV). We setup motion sensors, infer-red and use the latest technology to detect intruders.

We provide your secure, guarded entrance; the metal detector/ airport check in security controls to ensure nothing enters or leaves your organisations without being checked. We are your security guards, guard dogs and surveillance experts. We are the chaps sitting in a van around the corner waiting to pounce should an intruder attempt to break in. We arrive in force and scare them off, or capture them and hand them over the authorities. We are constantly training to be the best in the game; the cyber defence SAS. We make you a tough target, a hardened, digitally resilient organisation safe to pursue your goals and embrace the latest technology.

Can you trust us?

We supply these cyber services to Central Government and Defence; if they trust us to do this so can you. We have all the right ‘badges’ and certifications – and we can supply references to back this up. We are a UK Sovereign company providing our services to the public and private sector from our UK based accredited Security Operations Centre (SOC) which is distributed across the UK to provide nationwide cyber resilience.

How much does this cost?

Let’s take some examples:

Our security services are priced per ‘asset’ – e.g. workstation, laptop, server. These are priced in bands (e.g. 9-16 assets, 1001-2000 assets, etc) to make it simple. We have service levels to suit the whole range of customers and our services start from £1.60 per asset. A typical 50 person company could benefit from a complete cyber security service starting from £1,200.00 pcm, a small micro SME will benefit for as little as £800.00 pcm and a multi-national 10,000 person organisation would start from between £30,000.00-£100,000.00 pcm. These prices deliver complete services (they take the problem away from you and outsource it to us); if you want to start smaller we can break them down and deliver outcomes in smaller chunks. You can also chose to go larger – if you are aware of how much you have to lose you can turn up the dial and we will constantly, pro-actively defend your organisation at a level no other organisation can offer.

Sounds complicated – is this simple to procure?

We provide very friendly commercial terms and conditions like no exit fee, one month’s exit notice, fixed setup charges and very short minimum terms (one month for most services). You can pay monthly (pay as you go) or upfront. We have made it easy for you. You may also find you can save money to pay for this elsewhere – by removing and not renewing failed security solutions through to bandwidth and performance benefits. No matter what the scale of your organisation we will be a lot more cost effective than doing it yourself – and why would you? Could your typical organisation recruit and maintain the latest cyber talent and face off head-to-head against the cyber threat? Leave it to the professionals and carry on with your business!

Where do I start?

Talk to us, or better still - have us come and see you. We provide a free no obligation security advisory service where we come and visit your business and present to you on the cyber threat – and offer straight forward advice and opinion. We are qualified to do this: we hold CESG (the computer arm of GCHQ) qualifications that back this up – our advice is worth listening to. What have you got to lose?

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