Recruitment, Recruitment, Recruitment!

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Over the past few weeks, e2e-assure has been on the search for great people to join the e2e-assure analyst team. Here’s a quick overview of where we’ve been, along with some other thoughts on our recruitment processes.

The Cyber Security Challenge, Bournemouth University

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We’re long-time sponsors of the Cyber Security Challenge, who constantly run a variety of events to attract a wide range of people to cyber security.

Their latest event was in Bournemouth – a university careers day. Several companies were well represented, with a pleasing number of students joining throughout the day.

Later in the afternoon, we ran a workshop: ‘Life of a Cyber Security Analyst – and how to get there’. If you’re wondering what we look for, it’s:

  1. An excellent attitude to work and personal development, and a passion for learning new things. This is key – our analysts will be learning something new every day, at least. The context we work in is constantly changing and developing, and our analysts need to as well!
  2. The ability to grow and thrive in a team, learning from and adding to other’s expertise. We run a close-knit analyst team full of people who came from different IT and security disciplines – police forensics, gaming regulators, council systems engineers, travelling coders – you name it! Being someone who relishes learning, then passes on their knowledge, is key.

We had a great time meeting so many keen people and hearing about a huge range of skills and interests – and loved presenting the session as well (we had some insightful questions too).

The Cyber Retraining Academy, London

We’re also a sponsor of the Cyber Retraining Academy, run by SANS Institute and funded by HM Government.

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This fantastic program has taken 55 students, all new to cyber security (and many from non-IT related backgrounds) and is training them up to be ready for a cyber security role in just 12 weeks.

We’ve now attended three employer events at the academy, including a wireless hacking demo on night (demonstrated by Simon, one of our 2015 Academy graduates). Every time, we’ve been thrilled with the enthusiasm and interest from the students – for the things they’re learning, the people they’re meeting, and the chance to start on a completely new career path.

Two things we’ve been talking with the students about are:

  1. We hire people, not tick-boxes. We don’t hire based on a set of tick-boxes to be filled out – we hire people we want to work with and people we think we can depend on. It doesn’t matter your skill background, it matters why you do it – and how you do it. We hire a wide variety of people – but we don’t expect cyber ninjas! Helping develop our new recruits develops us, too – so we want people we can develop!
  2. Cyber security isn’t just penetration testing – and the blue team is maybe more fun! As part of the blue (defensive) team, you’ll be utilising a HUGE range of skills – from reverse engineering, to packet analysis, to networking, to talking to stakeholders/customers during an incident. We recognise we use this wide range of skills, which is why we hire from many different backgrounds to meet this.

Want to join us?

We’re thrilled to continue supporting both the Cyber Security Challenge and the Cyber Retraining Academy. We’ve run some preliminary interviews already, and we’re looking forward to hearing from anyone who attended these events who may be interested in becoming a Cyber Security Analyst.

Think you’ve got what it takes to work with us? Email [email protected] with a CV, and a few words explaining why you’re interested in a role.