Managed Cyber Security

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Do you want to Prevent Cyber Attacks? Are you looking for security as a service?

Preventing cyber-attacks takes more than just buying a firewall or installing a SPAM filter. Deploying appropriate security controls for the threats you face is a key part of any cyber defence strategy but just as important is understanding the risks you have, knowing the vulnerabilities within your estate, monitoring the effectiveness of your security controls, and having a plan to guide your response should a cyber attack take place.

e2e provide cyber defence services delivered from the cloud to prevent cyber attacks, protect your organisation and help keep it secure. Our real time cyber defence services monitor and provide a full Incident response capability to your organisation if threats or attacks occur. Our managed cyber security services are designed to prevent cyber attacks by performing effective cyber defence and monitoring, identifying infrastructure vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, and protecting your communications to the internet or to the cloud.

In addition to the deployment of security controls it is important that you:

Carry out Protective Security Monitoring

It is vital to monitor and know whether the security controls you have installed are actually working and to be alerted when unusual activity is spotted. It is also vital that you have an Incident Response plan that can help you stop, respond, and recover from a cyber attack. e2e provides all the security monitoring and Incident Response services you need. These are cloud based and can cover all traditional infrastructure systems (on premise) as well as Cloud services (It doesn’t matter if it is a Private, Public, Community, or a Hybrid cloud).

Perform regular scans of your infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities

Identifying any vulnerabilities within your infrastructure is really important for the prevention of cyber attacks. Carrying out regular vulnerability scans will ensure there are no gaping security holes, or accidental misconfigurations that attackers can exploit. Our vulnerability scanning service is highly cost effective and includes network discovery which will identify unexpected devices or connections that may have appeared upon your infrastructure. We examine and analyse all scan results and give you expert advice and support, keeping you informed about new vulnerabilities that apply to your organisation or service.

As organisations increasingly take advantage of Cloud based services it is vital that they secure all communications entering and leaving the Cloud. A compromise in the cloud could have a drastic impact on the rest of your business so it is best practice to ensure that all communications are securely checked to prevent the Cloud from becoming a target for hackers or a place from which to attack the company.

Secure your communications between your on premise systems, Cloud environments, and the internet

Our service provides secure remote access, MDM, managed VPNs and secure web gateway services (Web filtering, intrusion detection, malware detection, etc) – look to this service when you need secure remote connectivity or cloud based security gateways to control user and business traffic.

Carry out regular reviews of your security approach, risks and threats

Hackers continually change and improve and continue to find out new ways to attack you. Therefore it is important that you regularly review your security strategy, and risk management approach to keep up with the new emerging threats. We provide a range of Security Advice and Review Services and a FREE review or workshop to get you started.

Improve the security of your existing IT estate by using secure cloud services

  • Exposures are understood, managed, and contained
  • Data exfiltration points are locked down and monitored
  • Data in transit and at rest protection (encryption)
  • Security monitoring is fully integrated into the services
  • Security incident response is in place
  • Incident escalation process and policy is in place
  • On demand and monthly security report evidence and alerts are provided

We provide a range of Cyber Security Services that securely enables your business to thrive.

What our cyber security services do for your business/organisation

We reduce the risk of a cyber-attack having an impact on your business and provide an end-to-end holistic view of your enterprise security. We provide the evidence to your clients and suppliers that proves you take security seriously and that you are have cyber defences in place. We help you comply with standards, ensure you pass regulatory requirements and standards and constantly guard your organisation against hackers. We make you insurable – this is a risk management proposition: reduce the risk for your business and make it possible for you to insure the residual risk.

All e2e Services are ISO 27001:2013 and CES+ certified and will support Commercial and up to HMG OFFICIAL SENSITIVE data. All services have standard catalogue pricing and are available in three operational variations (Baseline, Enhanced and Premium) that align with an organisation’s threat posture and budget. They also provide flexibility and scalability up and down, with short term options for busy periods or heightened threats.

Wherever you are in your cyber security journey, we can help.

If you are not sure where to start, email us and we will call you back for a chat. We can also offer a free cyber security workshop. We are reliable, honest, trustworthy, discreet and genuinely want to help! We have solutions for all sizes of business. Email [email protected] and ask for a ‘Free Cyber Security Consultation’.

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