Announcing CloudSOC!

1 minute read

We’re very excited to be offering our new service, CloudSOC, with our partners at UKCloud


CloudSOC is a cloud-hosted cyber security service that can see all your IT systems, all the time, ensuring you can identify suspicious activity and commit the appropriate response before an event becomes an incident.

CloudSOC utilises e2e-assure’s capabilities of traffic analysis, deep packet inspections, IDS, vulnerability scanning and blacklist monitoring to protect the assets that matter to you. Together with highly-skilled SOC personnel and UKCloud’s highly-connected, highly-secure platform, we deliver a SOC that can see your entire IT estate and is always available.

CloudSOC can also work with existing investments in cyber and monitoring tools (such as SIEM, AV or firewall technology), plugging any gaps to create an end-to-end cyber security solution.

“Any security solution offered to today’s market, as the threat becomes more sophisticated and difficult to control, has to be capable and high quality.

At e2e-assure we recognise this need and wanted to work with a partner who understands this too.

UKCloud’s platform delivers the quality, capability and connectivity that underpins the CloudSOC solution that harnesses our best-in-class SOC and offers the customer a highly resilient, flexible and extremely capable service.”

Rob Demain, e2e-assure CEO