Cloud Security fail - why is my kids homework on my Skydrive?

1 minute read

It’s not the cloud that’s failed it’s the way we use it. Your cloud may be safe but only until you have accessed it, read a document or ‘sync’d up’. Then you find that your data is everywhere, on all your devices. All of a sudden you start to see other peoples’s data in your cloud storage. Was I logged in as me when I edited that document? you ask. Who’s tablet did I borrow? Now you realise that your data is everywhere and where is that old iPad? What data could be on it, sitting there unencrypted behind just a 4 digit passcode?

Who did I lend it to, where is it now and where’s my data?

And then you read about the iCloud backup fiasco and ask yourself where is my cloud data and where is being backed up to? You realise you don’t have a clue. It’s already everywhere.

You then ask your company if it knows where it’s cloud data is. They don’t know either. Then it occurs to you that maybe your company’s data is mixed in with your personal data; not by a cloud fail but as a result of the way you, unguided, have been using it. Your wife calls, she has your CEO’s financial report on her Skydrive…and in her iCloud… Time to find another way to use the cloud.

Follow this link for advice on this issue from CERT: (link removed - new guidance available on the NCSC website)