Oxford Cyber Security Cluster Meeting – 10th July

The next meeting should be fun as we’re trying something slightly different, with SEROCU kindly running their cyber exercise for us. It is designed to raise awareness of the need for greater focus on cyber security and is aimed at the boards of small to medium sized organisations.

The exercise is normally run free of charge for organisations based within the area covered by SEROCU. (SEROCU supports the police forces in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Thames Valley.) We will be joined by officers from the ACPO Regional Cyber Crime Unit who focus on cyber crime.

Come along and see how the exercise runs and consider whether it might be worthwhile for companies with whom you have contact. Great way to bring in some independent advice with no fear of competition!

We’re going to stick with the round-table approach for our second topic as we debate ‘How was it for you?’

Oh, the topic? None other than what must be the most frequently used term after Brexit at the moment, i.e. GDPR, as the 25th May implementation date has passed. (Anyone noticed the business world collapse yet?)