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Since 2005 the threat sources have changed; internal and partner threats have risen steadily but external threats have increased exponentially since 2008/2009 (see verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2014).

This type of information reminds us that modern cyber security must be adaptive, agile and aligned with the threats ‘threat aligned‘. It also reinforces our belief that traditional protective monitoring as practised by many an organisation in our industry, is not any of these things. Some of the ideas are solid but the practical implementations fall short. The reason for this is that they have not adapted to the threat. They are not cloud ready. We would go so far as to say they are of very little value at all.

The main problem with these traditional approached to PM is that they come from a different time and focused on a different threat. They pre-date the cloud. They aim at the insider threat. This is because the guidance originates from those defending closed private networks. Choosing a cloud protective monitoring service aligned with GPG-13 is an example of trying to bolt security on as an afterthought, and an out of date afterthought. We too have got this message wrong; in trying to bend our cloud focused service into aligning with GPG13 we may have bloated our offer.

So we have now separated our GPG13 aligned solution from our low cost, high value, cloud focused security monitoring service. This now means that we can offer each one as either individual or a combined service. Both benefit from the same slick and purposeful incident response.