e2e partner Skyscape

Skyscape are now called UKCloud. e2e-assure recently became a UKCloud Preferred Partner

e2e provide complimentary services to the Skyscape cloud, and are now officially a Skyscape partner.

Skyscape are the service provider of choice for Assured Cloud Services to the UK Public Sector. They principally offer Infrastructure and Platform as a Service (IaaS and PaaS). By Infrastructure we mean storage, backup and “compute” i.e. CPU and memory. Platform as as Service means the provision of Operating Systems onto which supported applications can be installed, and onto which new applications can be developed using tools supported by the provider. For example the provision of Hadoop in the cloud comes under PaaS. Skyscape also provide Software as a service SaaS for email and collaborative applications.

e2e’s provision of Security as as Service fits perfectly into this model. We provide protective monitoring of the cloud, i.e., cloud security monitoring as as service.